• SOFT RUBBER: The ear Syringe is made of high-quality rubber, which is non-toxic, odorless, safe, and durable for long time use..
  • EASY TO CONTROL: The hand bulb has a frosted surface to prevent skidding in your hand. The spherical body and high-elastic rubber make the bulb more suction, precise control of the liquid, and easier operation..
  • REGULAR CLEANING: Accumulated earwax is easy to breed bacteria, causing damage to the eardrum, so it needs to be cleaned up..
  • NO HURT TO EAR: There is a slim mouth with a smooth and soft tip, make sure to clean your earwax deeply without hurting your ears. Safe for anyone to use..
  • GOOD FOR CLEANING: This is a tool specially used for ear cleaning, fast and effective. If you have other needs, it can also help implement, such as cleaning cameras, wood boards, precision instruments, etc..
  • Imported from USA.
Timoo Ear Syringe Features: ▶ Thickening soft rubber, more flexible. ▶ Smooth and soft tip, no hurt to skin and instrument. ▶ No-toxic, odorless, anti-fade. ▶ Will not breed mold, fungus. Maintenance: After use, clean with water, then press continuously to drain the internal water, place it upside down, and let the remaining water flow downstream from the mouth. SIZE: 3.54" X 1.96"X 1.96" Capacity: 30ml.

Timoo Ear Syringe 30ml Hand Bulb Syringe Ear Washing Squeeze Bulb for Kids Adults