• ❤ 3 in 1 multifunctional massager-enables you to shape a charming body and restore the resilience of skin with a short period of time. Summer is almost here. Use it to shape the perfect curve. You will become the most beautiful scenery on the beach..
  • ❤ High frequency vibration beauty device can mash fat mass and lymphatic detox, accelerate metabolism, thus promoting weight loss. It can eliminate the fat and excess fat in the abdomen, which can enhance and firm the skin..
  • ❤ EMS stimulates the body with passive movement under micro-current. Muscular movement consumes fat, sugar and carbohydrate of surrounding tissue. Machine with 5 modes: Tapping, Massage, Knead, Scrapping, Sliming. 5 level intensity for your choice..
  • ❤ Treatment function: promote the burning of fat in the body, can restore the elasticity and active the cells more thoroughly. Using power repeatedly to achieve the effect of massaging and relaxing..
  • ❤ Easy to use at home or travel. The sliming machine suitable for all kinds of skin. The stainless steel probe, anti-oxidation and durable..
  • Imported from USA.
The Weight Loss Machine is aiming at: Stubborn fat and cellulite Puffiness Stretch marks and scars Metabolism and blood circulation slack-off Saggy, loose skin, wrinkles, and lines Acne, blemishes, and dark spots Dull skin tone Dark circles, bags under the eyes, fine lines If you think it doesn't work due to you can't feel a vibration, then we suggest you do this Water Drop Experience. Press the last button which the first letter is S ①Put one drop of clean water on the probe ②Turn the massager to the max frequency ③If you see the water drop vibrates and even steams, that prove the machine works well 1. Clean the treatment area of your body. 2. Connect one end of the EMS wire to the pads, and the other one to the device. 3. Remove the protective films from the pads, and then stick the pads onto the treatment area. Do not overlap the two pads. 4. Make sure that the EMS intensity is at level 0. 5. Turn on, press EMS button, select a proper EMS level on the right side of the device body. 6. Reset the EMS intensity level to 0 every time after use. 7. Two pads have to be used together at the same time.

DFEDCLL 3 in 1 Fat Remover Machine EMS Belly Cellulite Weight Loss Burner Skin Tightening Device, for Facial Arm Legs Home Use