• remove slight etch marks.
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  • Imported from UK.
Product description ------------------- Applications: great for small jobs to polish marble became opaque due weare and age. Great for marble and carbonate stone. Use only manual work, requires no special technical skills. Pack of 100 grams of polishing powder for marble, limestone, travertine, terrazzo to redo the surface polishing of marble and travertine Using manual or with polishing home machine yield: 50 grams of powder ---> 1 sq m instructions: pour a little powder on the surface at a ratio of 50 grams / sqm, wet the powder and rub with a soft cloth or with the polishing pads for about 1-2 minutes, keeping a moist dough video tutorial Legal Disclaimer ---------------- Pietre d'Alpi sas is in no case responsible for direct or indirect damage resulting from use not in accordance with the instructions for use and the intended use of the product.

Marble Polishing Powder M1-100