• Imported from USA.
    Margo is a brand of soap manufactured in India. The soap has neem as its main ingredient. The soap was manufactured by Calcutta Chemicals and was launched in 1920 Anti-bacterial properties that deep cleanses the skin Reputation to tone and nourishes skin, keeping it healthy Remove viruses, bacteria s, fungi, and parasites from skin Helps the complexion to maintain its delicate sheen and enhances beauty naturally Product Benefits: Margo Neem Soap is the only full herbal and medicinal soap with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. The Neem in Margo cleanses from deep down, removing germs, grime and blemishes without removing any vital body oils. With a medicinal history stretching over 4000 years in Ayurvedic medicine, Neem when used as soap truly assists in maintaining a delicate sheen and enhances your complexion's beauty naturally. Ingredients: Soap Base - vegetable oils in their natural form. Neem Advantage: Neem oil contains Azadiractin an bitters, with proven skin nourishing, germicidal and anti-bacterial properties. TFM: 76% Added Medicated Moisturiser: A recipe containing natural moisturisers like lanolin and anti-bacterial compounds

    Margo Original Neem Soap - 75g with active Neem Oil, for clear skin, naturally by Margo

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