• Limited Edition of 5,000 - Each Replica Numbered.
  • Hand Crafted, Painted & Assembled with Over 100 Miniature Elements.
  • 16.5 Inches Wide, 11.5 Inches Deep, 6.5 Inches High.
  • Includes Special Collector's Commemorative Card with an Actual Piece of Wood from a Seinfeld TV Series Prop Door.
  • Perfect Gift for Any Seinfeld Fan!.
  • Imported from USA.
Add a unique conversational piece to your home or office with this hand numbered, fine-art miniature replica of one of the most highly recognized and beloved TV show sets in pop-culture history. Not for "regifters," you'll want to keep the Seinfeld Set Replica for yourself! Beautifully designed work of fine art with remarkable attention to detail. Hand-numbered, painted and assembled with over 100 pieces. Truly authentic recreation of Jerry's apartment was created in collaboration with the original show creators, studio executives and designers. A must-have for all Seinfeld show fans! Includes famous apartment features such as the bike and pictures on the wall, the books on Jerry's shelves, and even the cereal boxes above the sink. You'll expect Kramer to buzz in to steal a box! One customer marveled that "The pillows on the couch look soft to the touch." Stunningly life-like, this hand-crafted replica of the iconic Seinfeld TV apartment is a conversation starter to enjoy and appreciate for years. Only 5,000 total will be made. Order for fast delivery while we still have some stock! Fantastic Gift! BONUS: You'll also receive a hand numbered commemorative card featuring an authentic piece of a prop door from the Seinfeld Archives. The door was carefully cut into pieces and hand inserted into each numbered card - no two are alike! This rare, from the set artifact is authentic and certified by the Warner Bros. Studio Archive.

Seinfeld TV Series Apartment Replica - Art Collectible