• AUTOMATES SECURITY ALERTS - Carlock Tag enables & disables alerts based on the owner's distance to the vehicle via smartphone connection. 100% hands-free - no need to even take it out of your pocket!.
  • AUDIO CONFIRMATION – Your smartphone will alert you with a unique audio notification, alerting you that security alerts are enabled as you walk away from your vehicle, and disabled as you approach..
  • REDUCES FALSE ALARMS – Never again receive security alerts about your own activity. Carlock Tag identifies you as a "trusted" user and eliminates false alarms based on your distance to the vehicle..
  • EASY TO INSTALL - Simply place the Carlock Tag anywhere in your vehicle and pair it to the Carlock app on your smartphone using Bluetooth. Takes less than 30 seconds to enable full functionality..
  • WORKS WITH THE ORIGINAL CARLOCK DEVICE - Carlock Tag is the must-have accessory to the original Carlock tracking & alert system. Automates security alerts based on distance via smartphone..
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  • Imported from USA.
Must-Have Accessory for the Original Carlock Device! All owners of the original Carlock tracking and alert system will benefit from the improved functionality and automation of the Carlock Tag. Automatic “Trusted Driver” Detection The Carlock Tag communicates with your Smartphone to identify you as a Trusted Driver to the Carlock security system installed in your vehicle. Security alerts will be automatically enabled and disabled based on your smartphone’s distance from the vehicle. As you exit your vehicle and walk away, the Carlock Tag automatically enables security alerts to provide complete awareness and protection while you are gone. When you return, the Carlock tag will detect your smartphone approaching and disable the security alerts automatically so you may enter the vehicle without being alerted of your own actions. Everything is done automatically through a secure Bluetooth connection between the Carlock Tag and your Smartphone - there is no need to even take the device out of your pocket! Hands-Free Alerts For added peace-of-mind, the Carlock app will automatically play a distinct alert as you approach and depart from your vehicle. This lets you know with absolute certainty that the security system is enabled or disabled without ever having to check your screen. Easy to install The Carlock Tag is a discrete button-shaped device that you can stick anywhere on the driver’s side of your vehicle, such as on the dash or behind the sun visor. After choosing your preferred device location, simply pair the device to the existing Carlock app on your smartphone. No extra software or updates required!

CARLOCK TAG Accessory(iOS ONLY) - Bluetooth Upgrade for Carlock Device. Helps Reduce False Alarms. Automatically Enable & disable Security alerts Based on Your iPhone's Distance from The car.

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