• About this item.
  • 180 mAh Nickel Metal Hydride, 1.2 Volts.
  • Replaces 18AAAAH and GP18AAAAH.
  • Rechargeable Cylindrical 1/2AAAAA Cell.
  • Imported from USA.
A Rechargeable N Size Battery 1 cell ( LR1, 910A or UM5 MN9100 MN21) 1.2V 360mAh NiMH - N-360NM-. NiCD versions of this battery are not as good as the advanced chemistry NiMH. Use this NiMH battery when you need a rechargeable \"N\" battery. Get great performance from NiMH technology, with no memory effect. Rechargeable N Size from China. Replaces all brands of LR1 with equal dimensions: 30.2 mm long x 12 mm diameter Cylinder battery x 1.20 inches long; compare dimensions and make sure these dimensions will work for you. . Used in photography devices, calculators, memory backup, pocket pagers. There are NO off the shelf chargers for this battery. Fits and replaces: Allied Electronics 7370151 Battery-Biz B-353 BatteryValues B-353 Blackhawk Xiphos NT High Output Multi-Function LED Weapon Light Bulova E401E2 Chener AM5 Chener LR01 Cosmodic Dove DM6001 Round Quartz Movement DSMiller B-353 Duracell M21 Duracell MN21B Duracell N Size Duracell PC9100 Duracell RM-401 Eddie Bauer 3 LED Flashlight Energizer EP401 Eveready 904 Eveready E401 Eveready E401E Eveready E401N Eveready EP401E Exell A910BP Fuji Fine Pix A210 GP Batteries GP910A GP50NH Tekna Micro-Lite DM-6001 Grayshott Pottery Porcelain Clock Kodak KN Military BA1425/U Hewlett Packard 41CV Hewlett Packard HP18C Calculator Hewlett Packard HP19B Calculator Hewlett Packard HP19B11 Calculator Hewlett Packard HP19BII Calculator Hewlett Packard HP28C Calculator Hewlett Packard HP28S Calculator uses 3 Hewlett Packard HP41C Calculator Hewlett Packard HP-41CL Calculator Hewlett Packard HP41CV Calculator Hewlett Packard HP41CX Calculator Hewlett Packard Omnibook 41CX Hi-Capacity B-353 Howard Miller Clock 12888 HP 41CV Calculator (use spring shim) Hunter Fan Remote Control 8509501 IEC-MR1 Interstate Batteries ADRY1390 Laserex Inc LDP300 Mallory 910 Mallory RM401 Maxell 7

Dantona 1.2V, 180MA NI-MH Battery (18AAAAH) - Single Cell

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