• AUDIBLE RIDING: The Wind-Blox Pro Short Strap filters out around 80% of wind noise, allowing cyclists to keep the sounds they want and remain tuned into their surroundings. Unlike earplugs or headphones, this specialized accessory does not cover the ears or obstruct hearing in any way. In ambient testing of this product, there was actually a gain of desirable sound..
  • SIMPLE TO ATTACH: Unlike similar wind noise reduction products, the Wind-Blox Pro Short Strap features a patented rim-to-clip design that makes it easy to fasten to bike helmets. Helmet straps do not have to be unbuckled in order to install this product. It is ideal for specialized and fixed-clip helmets with shorter straps closer to the face and in front of the ears..
  • LOW-PROFILE: With the Wind-Blox Pro Short Strap, you can finally switch out those funny earmuffs for a more low-key product. Engineered out of modern sports fabric, it is designed to look hi-tech and is perfect for riders who prefer their gear to be simple and understated. The only thing about this product that stands out is its reflective label, which was incorporated to facilitate greater nighttime visibility..
  • EASY MAINTENANCE: Since the Wind-Blox Pro Short Strap is machine-washable, and is as easy to remove as it is to install, maintaining the cleanliness of this product is a breeze! It is durable, so it will not come unglued, fray or matt during washing or drying..
  • WIND-BLOX QUALITY: Mike Fajens work as a professional engineer drove him to find a solution to the wind noise bicyclists encounter on a daily basis. This initial discovery along with his passion for audible riding that formed as a result of it has driven Wind-Blox ever since. Fajen has created, tested and championed each product the company has made since its inception. The Patented design Wind-Blox products are made to last, and guarantee safe and enjoyable bike-riding experiences for years to.
  • Imported from USA.
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Wind-Blox Pro Short Strap Helmet Attachment: Noise Reducer