• Imported from USA.
    The Sensual Goddess Tarot Deck stands alone as one of the most unique decks ever published. Years in the making, this deck combines computer environments and photography with the amazing beauty and talent of Oleanna Potter, who is the model portraying the character of the Sensual Goddess. Oleanna is an international glamour model who has appeared on television, in books, magazines, newspapers, internet, art galleries and even Heavy Metal magazine. Her appearance in these cards is the way she naturally looks and has not been altered in any way other than to combine her into the computer-created scenes. For those who feel that the deck does not depict real women, you can be assured that Oleanna is quite real. Her appearance is not intended to be a template for what a "sensual goddess" should look like, but rather her beauty and modeling talent was invaluable in depicting this fictional character. The nudity in the deck is a tribute to the thousands of depictions of sensual goddess icons and statues throughout history where breasts were considered a symbol of fertility and the nurturing of life. Intended as a celebration of the feminine, this photo art is beautifully crafted and reproduced at the highest quality possible. Before purchasing the Sensual Goddess Tarot, check out the Look Inside feature on as well as in the gallery of ALL the cards on the web site. The style and content of this deck is well published and so there should be no surprises when the deck arrives. This unique deck is destined to take a permanent place in the history of tarot decks and they would be a valuable addition to anyone's collection, regardless of their gender or views on women and sensuality. The production quality of this deck is outstanding and features high resolution printing techniques on a thick glossy coated stock that will last for generations.

    The Sensual Goddess Tarot Deck