• 127mm double plate plastic omni wheel.
  • Load capacity: 30kg.
  • Axial width: 29mm.
  • Number of rollers: 22.
  • Imported from USA.
127mm double plate plastic omni wheel Load capacity: 30kg Axial width: 29mm Number of rollers: 22 Nexus Robot introduces the 127mm Omnidirectional Wheel (Brass Bearing for Rollers). The Omni-directional wheels are unique as they are able to roll freely in two directions. The Omni-direction wheels allow a robot to convert from a non-holonomic to a holonomic robot. A non-holonomic robot that uses normal wheels has only 2 out of 3 controllable degrees-of-freedom - moving forward/backwards and rotation. Not being able to move side ways makes a robot slower and less efficient in reaching its given goal. Specifications Roller bearing material: Brass tube Roller diameter: 19mm Net weight: 480g Body material: Aluminium alloy Roller material: Rubber

127Mm Omnidirectional Wheel (Brass Bearing For Rollers)