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    You know the frustration of not knowing why you lost, or not sure how exactly you should play? These books solve that! They solve it by helping you to discover your A game, B game and C Game. More solutions come in the form of knowing how to align your tactics with your strategies. Clarify the vision for your game. Know which new skills you need. Create your training environment to help you gain the skills you need. In the second title you get more solutions. Discover a fresh approach to building your mental game with fresh ideas from the world of success literature. To wrap it up, why not be a part of the community of those who want to see the game restored to highest levels of sportsmanship. Three books in one. The main title, Top 5 Mental and Emotional Foundations and How to End Cheating in Junior Tennis.

    Top 5 Strategies and Tactics for Winning Tennis: with Mental and Emotional Foundations, and How to End Cheating in Juniors: Volume 1 (Tennis Strategy Series)