• Package includes: 1x handmade rosewood tobacco pipe, 1x custom gift box, 1x metal 3 in 1 pipe tool, 1x custom pipe stand, 1x black velvet travel bag, 1x adhesive knocking cork, 1x 9mm activated charcoal filter.
  • All Pipesmith tobacco pipes are hand carved out of REAL wood not resin. Each pipe might slightly vary in color and grain..
  • The all natural finish makes for an very smooth smoking pipe experience and elegant striations..
  • Once you start smoking a Pipesmith you won't be able to put our pipe down!.
  • Our commitment to excellence is second to none. We want to be your go-to smoking pipe company!.
  • Imported from USA.
Handpicked: You can't make a quality tobacco pipe without first selecting the trees that they will be carved out of. Our pipes are always made out of the highest quality wood your money can buy. Giving them all a unique grain and elegant finish that can not be replicated. Handcrafted: The name Pipesmith is derived from the word Gunsmith. A sign of quality and commitment to our craft. Our Pipemaster carves every single pipe that we sell by hand. Handheld: Of course a spin off of cell phones. Our clever way of stating that our company will only sell handheld smoking pipes. You will never see Pipesmith selling bongs, glass, or any other material pipes. We believe pipe making is a art, and wood is our canvas!

Pipesmith-"The Sherlock" Premium pear Wood Tobacco Pipe w/Smoking Pipe Accessories Model No.1 9mm

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