• Hair growth and hair recovery supplement.
  • Restores and supports thicker and faster growth of thinning hair.
  • Developed by leading European and US dermatologists.
  • Delivers key substances to hair to help combating oxidative sress.
  • Supplies important anti-inflammatory benefits.
  • Imported from UK.
Forti 5 Hair Dietary Supplement has been developed by leading European and US dermatologists. It can enhance natural hair growth and might help people suffering from various hair loss conditions. • Particularly Androgenetic Alopecia (AGA) - with 50 - 80% of both men and women affected - was the main focus of the research team behind Forti 5. • However, our studies show that Forti 5 could also be of benefit for other hair loss problems and can further improve hair growth overall. • During clinical study hair growth improvement has been observed in 80 per cent of patients only after 24 weeks of use of Forti 5. Improvement has been demonstrated in both - hair diameter (i.e. increase of hair thickness) and hair count. • Forti 5 formula combines important ingredients that have been shown to reduce hair shedding and thinning, or otherwise improve hair growth/reduce hair loss. The ingredients work simultaneously as they help for: • (1). Hair-growth stimulation (Green Tea Extract); • (2). Prevention of hair-loss (Vitamin D) • (3). Anti-Androgenic properties (Soy Isoflavones & Beta-Sitosterol) • (4). Providing key anti-stress substances for the hair (Green Tea Extract & Soy Isoflavones) • (5). Delivering anti-inflammatory substances (Green Tea Extract, Beta-Sitosterol, Soy Isoflavones).

Forti5 - Hair Growth and Prevention of Hair Loss Dietary Supplement & Vitamins 5 Key Substances in 1 Product for faster growth of Thicker and Healthier Hair, by Quintessence - 60 caps, 1 m. supply