• For Luck, Success, Gambling.
  • Contains real herbs and essential oils in every bottle..
  • Comes in a 1/2 oz Bottle.
  • Hand Blended and Made To Order..
  • Imported from USA.
Shi Shi Oil is another old time Hoodoo recipe designed to rid yourself of unwanted obstacles or challenges. It’s great for any type of situation where a little luck is needed and it has been used by many people for gambling and overall good luck. It’s known to work quite quickly and can get you out of trouble fast! It’s often called the “Emergency Oil”. It’s a perfect oil to use for any financial troubles that you may be faced with. Of course it can also be used for legal issues, employment issues or any type of situation where you are trying to carve a new path for yourself. I often recommend this oil to someone who needs some overall good luck and to those who need some serious relief quickly. It’s one of my favorites!!!! Comes in a ½ bottle. My recipe includes clove, peppermint, graveyard root, angelica and a few other power house herbs! There are a number of ways you can use Shi Shi Oil. You can rub it on your hands, hair or the bottom of your feet. Put a few drops in your bath. Dab some on your altar or wash down your front door with it. Place it a bit on important papers such as bank statements, credit card bills or personal loans. Mix some with a bit of warm water and rub down the entrance to your home or business. Or , you can cut out an image of what your trying to attain place it on your altar or on a spot where you see it daily. Rub some Shi Shi Oil on all four corners of the image and visualize yourself receiving it. If you can, carry the image on you such as in your purse or pocket. You can even place a smaller version of the image in the left heel of your shoe. Sold as a Curio. for External Use only.

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