• Fast & Easy - Easy to remove or install the hard-to-reach and stuck O2 sensors. Unique pivoting handle and swivel head allows easy leverage. Effortlessly turns the removal job into a breeze..
  • Flexible - Goes into narrow space and odd angles with the unique contour handle. EWK oxygen sensor removal tool works around the exhaust and gets to places ordinary wrenches won't..
  • Extra Leverage - Swiveled head helps create extra leverage in narrow areas. The 22mm oxygen sensor wrench helps getting additional clearance during the job..
  • Slotted Design - Get to the O2 sensor from the side to prevent damaging the wire or the sensor. Keeping the wire harness attached by getting to the sensor from the side instead of from the top..
  • Wide Applications - EWK O2 sensor remover is designed to work on 7/8"(22mm) O2 sensors. Compatible for Ford contours, 4.6L, 5.4L Ford modular engines. Covers most vehicles on the market..
  • Imported from USA.
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EWK 22mm 7/8 Inch O2 Oxygen Sensor Flex Head Wrench Removal Tool