• MAKES CHANGING FLASH MODIFIERS FAST AND EASY - The MagGrip features two neodymium rare-earth magnets so you can quickly and quietly mount a variety of MagMod flash modifiers on your Speedlight flash..
  • UNIVERSALLY AWESOME - Compatible with Godox AD200, V860, Canon 430, 580, 600, Nikon, Sony, Yongnuo and Most Speedight Flashes.
  • DURABLE - The MagGrip doesn't budge or fall off your flash. It retains 99% of its elasticity even after repeated use. No matter what you do, MagGrip stays put on your gear..
  • INDESTRUCTIBLE - Drop it on the floor, shove it deep within your bag heck, run it over with your car. The MagGrip can take it..
  • Imported from USA.
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MagMod MagGrip - Universal Magnetic Mount Base for MagMod Flash Modifier System - Compatible with Godox, Canon, Nikon…